Dresser Transformation with Spray Paint

Today I am going to show you how to quickly transform a piece of furniture using spray paint. I needed a piece of furniture for my office/my wife’s craft area that had plenty of storage and that was large enough to fill an  area on the wall below my guitars. When looking for that perfect piece of furniture I needed something low to the floor (because of my guitars would be hanging above) and either a lot of shelf space or several drawers. Do you see that massive void?


I am an avid thrift shopper. I visited the local Good Samaritans on one of my many breaks and found this beaut (next to that portable toilet haha). Best of all it was only $20. I love the mid century style and thought it would be a great piece if I updated it just a little.


The first thing I did was remove all the hardware and puttied all the holes and cracks.IMG_1053I then removed all the drawers and sanded all the surface with a light grit sandpaper. I then used TSP to wipe away all the debris. The next step wasn’t a necessity but I did it anyway. I taped up all the inside edges that way the overspray wouldn’t get on the inside of the dresser.

On spray paint I always use the more expensive brands like Rustoleum or Valspar.  You can definitely tell when you use the cheap stuff so don’t be a tight wad because you will regret it in the long run! I used a Valspar white primer and did 2 coats for the base.

I then used a Valspar Black Gloss spray paint and sprayed 2 coats to finish off the dresser. When everything was dry I reinstalled the hardware and moved the dresser into my home office space.  I contemplated painting the hardware or adding rope handles instead, but it seems the brass/gold finishes are coming back into style so I decided to just forego all of the work and just use the untouched originals.

In the near future I plan on using a method to fix all the dents and scratches on the drawer fronts using 3/4 cup of oil & 1/4 cup vinegar to restore the wood. Lets see how that goes.

Here is a tip when spray painting:

I always start on one side of the piece and spray in one continuous motion until I reach the other side of the object. I have noticed if you spray and back forth you will get runs very very easily. And hey if you miss a spot you can always get it on the second coat so don’t fret.


How do you think the dresser turned out? Please comment below and thank you for reading today’s blog post.


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